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Starter & Plenary Activities

for Key Stage 3 Science

Captivate you students with a variety of fascinating and fun starter and plenary activities - all answers provided.

  • 20+ Activities for each QCA topic
  • Differentiated at 3 levels (Support, Core and Extension)
  • Activities for individuals, groups and the whole class
  • Each resource includes a CD with interactive activities - great for interactive whiteboard or VLE

New 2008 Specification!

  • Unit 7A: Cells
  • Unit 7B: Reproduction
  • Unit 7C: Environment and Feeding Relationships
  • Unit 7D: Variation and Classification
  • Unit 7E: Acids and Alkalis
  • Unit 7F: Simple Chemical Reactions
  • Unit 7G: Solids, Liquids and Gases
  • Unit 7H: Solutions
  • Unit 7I: Energy Resources
  • Unit 7J: Electrical Circuits
  • Unit 7K: Forces and their Effects
  • Unit 7L: The Solar System and Beyond
"An excellent and extensive resource... It provides resources for areas of the curriculum that are normally quite lacking in good activities for pupils."
D Baggely, Science Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Short and punchy with a variety of activities of ideal length to keep KS3 students interested and on-task."
M Bailey, Science Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Excellent for the busy teacher."
B Timothy-Webber, Science Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"The resources matches the KS3 specification perfectly. It brings fun into learning... and brings in literacy and number skills, making it cross-curricular."
G Braz, Science Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Well produced, well differentiated. Very comprehensive. Thank you for producing this."
J Bashford, Science Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Excellent for encouraging student interest, and will engage a range of students due to the well differentiated resources."
J Hutson, Science Teacher & Independent Reviewer