Essential Survival Pack for Level 1

'A useful introduction to embedding Functional Skills'
R Lucas, Educational Consultant

'Varied topics that are relevant or interesting to students… it will allow pupils to see the relevance of the maths… meets the requirements for Functional Skills Level 1.'
A Pointon, Head of Maths and Independent Reviewer


Functional Skills in Maths Essential Survival Pack

This key resource for Level 1 consists of 28 activity worksheets applying Maths skills to familiar contexts

  • Applies Maths skills to everyday contexts
  • Set your students up for work, learning and life!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3367)

Easy to photocopy the tasks you want to use and is full in format." — A Rusholme, HoD at Priors Field School at ZigZag Customer

Really useful." — C Johnson, Lecturer at Derwentside College and ZigZag Customer

It helps me because I know that the work is of the required standard... looks very good and easy to use with classes." — C Johnson, Head of Maths at Derwentside College and ZigZag Customer

The resources match the funtional skills specifications well. They address all the objectives that students will have to master... Students are kept engaged with the topics - and the maths involved become very relevant to them." — B Patel, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

A useful resource that is likely to be valued by both Teachers and Students. Congratulations to Yvonne Wright on a job well done." — I Hawley, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer

It was well written and tried to involve the students with believable real-life tasks... A very useful product which will be very popular as functional maths starts... I would buy this and recommend it to others." — B Jackson, Maths Advanced Skills Teacher & Independent Reviewer

The resource has good, obvious functional links which will be accessible to students... I liked the range of types of questions (explain, match, fill in the gaps) and particularly liked the use of starter questions." — K Rundle, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

Useful as a teaching resource... covered the skills required for functional Maths." — R Winslow, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer

Could be utilised for any group doing a Level 1 course... A useful introduction... to embedding FS." — R Lucas, Educational Consultant, Functional Skills Trainer & Independent Reviewer