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Revision Summaries for GCSE OCR B - All Four Units

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'Revision Summaries' for Unit B601 (Philosophy 1) is endorsed by OCR for use with the OCR GCSE Religious Studies B (Philosophy &/or Applied Ethics) specification.

Revision Summaries' for Unit B603 (Ethics/Ethics 1) is endorsed by OCR for use with the OCR GCSE Religious Studies A (World Religions) and B (Philosophy &/or Applied Ethics) specifications.

Revision Summaries New 2009 Specification

GCSE OCR B: Philosophy & Applied Ethics

Revision resources to cover the whole of each module. Written for Christianity with comparisons to other religions, allowing students access to the top marks. Written by a principal examiner.

Bullet-point revision notes covering the need-to-know content of the unit, with examiner commentary and ideas for extension for the more able.

  • Bullet-point format for maximum retention of information
  • Comprehension activities reinforce learning
  • Key Words sections provide a glossary of important concepts
  • Includes relevant Bible quotations which students can reference in the exam

Provides the student with a revision bible and the teacher with the perfect reference guide for this new specification.