The Complete Puppetry Handbook for KS3

practical and fun

M Dunn, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Focused, structured lessons enable students to actively learn the connection between movement and emotion. Students progress from learning the history of puppetry to creating their own puppets, to a final performance.

  • Evaluation sheets allow students to assess their development
  • Supports the delivery of SEAL

Stimulating and educational... Promotes puppets as performance tools and not as a craft making activity... I would recommend this to teachers at every Key Stage

M Dunn, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

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I really enjoyed this resource and would most definitely purchase it

N Phillips, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I really enjoyed reviewing this. I found it stimulating and educational. I think it would be applicable to a number of drama, art, cross-curricular and performance related projects... This resource promotes puppets as performance tools and not as a craft making activity with the final results to be stapled against a wall! Motivating, practical and fun. Plus, through the self-evaluation and task sheets, the children document their own evidence of learning development and outcomes. So all boxes are ticked! I would recommend this resource to teachers at every applicable Key Stage

M Dunn, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Very good, comprehensive and well-researched with a lot of information and resources for lessons. Nicely presented and illustrated. Gives a detailed insight into puppetry... Links into drama as a genre and will help less confident students to perform. The lessons are backed up with good illustrations, clear objectives and supportive written tasks

B Myers, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Excellent... There's no doubt that it will [enhance learning], partially because of the structured approach which invites participation. It also invites students to take into account what they already know, an absolute key for enhancing learning

M Haining, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Will definitely allow pupils to explore/create characters which are different to themselves. It will also develop their literacy, in particular their (drama specific) language/vocabulary development.

E Drajling, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I thought it was well organised and detailed, with plenty of exercises, and, at the end, lots of evaluation which could be useful for the students.

N Taylor, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer