Staff Handbook and Student 'Activity and Task' Pack for PLTS

Student-centred activities, games, tasks, homework and practical exercises:
  • Introductory Unit
  • Targeted at level 3, easily adaptable for all levels!
  • Appropriate contexts throughout

Tasks for every group of skills: Independent enquirers, creative thinkers, reflective learners, team workers, self-managers, effective participators

"These activities have proved extremely successful in enhancing student motivation and improving performance."
K Bennie, author, experienced teacher

Students learn and practise many valuable, transferable skills, such as:
  • Organising themselves — writing a study timetable & revision timetable, organising their notes
  • Study skills — delivering presentations, gathering data, writing reports, revision & exam technique
  • Communication in the workplace — making phone calls, arranging meetings, taking minutes, interviews
  • Knowledge & skills for the workplace — knowing the health & safety signs, completing a risk assessment

All worksheets and all the required exemplar material and pro-forma documents included & can be copied!

"This resource is so clear, easy to follow and I just love it! It provides everything but gives them the opportunity to think for themselves. I just love the 'real' world activities... Absolutely brilliant!"
S Crawte, Teacher of ICT & Media Studies, Independent Reviewer

"There are some extremely good tasks and activities in this resource and it is organised clearly. The mix & match nature of the different tasks means that the teacher could use this resource as a bank of ideas to draw from when needed."
S Smith, Lead Diploma Practitioner, Author of PLTS guidance in QIA's Practitioner Guide to the Diploma, Independent Reviewer

"It covers the requirements in an easy to follow, logical sequence that can be imparted at any time during the academic year… Really useful... easy to read - would suit any level."
J Higgs, Business, Administration & Finance Diploma

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'This resource is so clear, easy to follow and I just love it! It provides everything to guide the student through the PLTs — but gives them the opportunity to think for themselves... I just love the 'real' world activities... There is actually so much that I want to say about this resource that I could write a book on it! It is absolutely brilliant! S Crawte, Teacher and Independent Reviewer