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The History Boys Study Guide for A Level English

The History Boys Study Guide

for A Level

Intelligent teacher’s notes, with discussion points for comprehensive coverage of the play and key issues:

  • Scene-by-scene commentary
  • Social Context
  • Themes
  • Characterisation
  • Theatrical techniques and more!

For perfect preparation... New 2008 style examination questions for AQA A Language & Literature Unit ELLA1 and OCR Literature Unit 2 F662

A highly intelligent guide to the play which would enhance the thinking of both teachers and students... the comprehensive treatment of the frequent allusions to other texts would be welcome to teachers who don't have time to trace every allusion. This is important as these allusions often make the humour of the play... I was most impressed by the depth and breadth with which the authors dealt with this complex play. On top of this, their tone made the relatively complex ideas of the play clear throughout - a definite plus.
M Courtney-Holt, Examiner & Independent Reviewer

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