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AQA B Literature Keats Poetry Selection for A Level

Strong focus on Keat’s narrative!
*Includes all poems in full*

Comprehensively covers the three set poems by
(1) summarising
(2) analysing and then providing
(3) an in-depth study of narrative!

Using Keats’ letters, students can learn of his attitudes towards literature to complement the study of his poetry.

Key moments of text are analysed separately, perfect to reference in an examination.

Essay questions focussed on narrative for exam practice
A concise biography of Keats’ life
An introduction to ‘aspects of narrative’ for students
A glossary of vital poetic terms

“I thought the sections on narrative are excellent - clear & specific. It makes Keats accessible and relevant to a modern studentA good match [to the specification] - this strength places it above other general guides to Keats’ poetry”
K Johnson, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

“I was delighted to find this resource which I can already see will be extremely useful to a teacher of this Unit for the first time...[It is] an excellent foundation on which to base my lessons. As with all the resources you have published, I have been really impressed.
L Jenkins, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This resource has been written to comprehensively meet the new 2008 GCE English specifications.

We also have fantastic poetry recordings to accompany this resource - click here for more details!