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AQA Springboard to Success - Unit 3 - BOTH Physical & Human Geography

'Clear breakdown of topics. Loved the student checklists – it's one less thing I have to do. The picture springboards are a really good idea – especially with the topics to discuss associated with them. They should help generate some thoughtful discussion that is clearly needed at AS. Very good match to the specification, all the optional topics are covered in as much detail as the core.'
Verity Burgess, A Level Geography Teacher and Independent Reviewer


AQA Springboard to AS and A2 Success

Physical and Human Geography

Unique and varied resource packs for Unit 1 and 3 – helping you expertly deliver the new A Level specification and helping your students obtain a top grade. Covers both the core and all optional material. Everything you need for each strand in one easy-to-use pack!

  • Teacher checklist to make your planning simple.
  • Student checklist to help students track progress & structure their revision.
  • Practice exam questions give your students the best possible practice for the exam. Fantastic both as class or homework!
  • Mark schemes for every practice exam question show your students how to raise their work to the next level. Allows self & peer-marking.
  • AS writing frames help students answer the 15-mark questions in a structured way – valuable exam skills.
  • A2 essay plan exercises help students achieve high marks in the 40-mark questions.
  • Picture springboards with discussion questions to stimulate student interest and to fully engage them in the subject – colour versions provided on the CD!