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The Winter's Tale Comprehensive Guide for A Level English

The Winter's Tale: For A Level Literature

Scene-by-scene summary, analysis & questions
Character, themes, motifs & symbols
CONTEXTS GALORE Authorial – Shakespeare's Life & Times
Social – Nature, Art & Theology
Textual/Literary– Language, Style, Character & Story
GREAT STUDENT TIPS Reading Renaissance Drama
Approaching Essay Questions
Performing Close-Reading on Passages of Text
BONUS!! Huge glossary of relevent dramatic/literary terms
Revision questions, essay questions & discussion topics

Includes 20 ready to use worksheets covering vocabulary, themes, discussion points and more!

“I like the level of detail and the comprehensive coverage of issues… There is certainly plenty here that would benefit a teacher and their students.”
Keith Johnson, A Level English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Comprehensively meets
Has also been identified for
Open Units Shakespeare Units Semi-open units
OCR Lit U3 (Section A) Edexcel Lit U4
OCR Lit U4
OCR Lit/Lang U2
Edexcel Lit/Lang U4
AQA A Lit U4
Edexcel Lit U2
WJEC Lit/Lang U3
AQA A Lit U3 (Love Through the Ages)
Edexcel Lit/Lang U2 (Entrapment)
AQA B Lit/Lang U4 (Specified Author)