Donald and Rosie and the Molière Club

10 short French plays designed to introduce KS3 pupils to French literature and build confidence in speaking French. With differentiated writing exercises and lists of difficult vocab. Cross referenced to the NC levels for speaking, reading and writing.

Each play is beautifully illustrated and is based on a novel, poem or play from French literature. The fictional characters Donald and Rosie give background information and notes on props and costumes.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2835)
"The resource is very thoughtfully laid out incorporates differentiation in tasks... I particularly like the differentiated exercises that come with the plays... The resource actively involves pupils in using language; it gives cultural insight into adapted literary topics and teaches a lot of additional vocabulary... it is proven that such phrases learnt off by heart do show through in future language production... a valuable addition to French classroom teaching." — S Klabuhn, Languages Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"The written resources are well thought out, particularly with the different NC levels, creative elements, higher order thinking skills and the idea of performing to a younger Year group... It may inspire some of them to continue with French further up the school and thus help recruitment... Would I purchase it? Absolutely. I'm already looking forward to it." — R Richards, Languages Teacher and Independent Reviewer