Popular Music 2nd Edition

A combination of background, analysis, theory, case studies, and worksheets. Detailed up-to-date notes for Music Industry and Music Audiences.

  • Up-to-date analysis and suggested reading
  • Great for essay preparation and for research & independent study
  • Detailed examples & historical comparisons
  • Special sections

Special sections include: Mainstream vs Indie, Subcultures, Chavs and Moral Panics, Britpop to Britflop, Feminist Perspective on Boy Bands, How to Set Up a Record Label.

New for the 2nd edition: Is the single dead? How far do the charts reflect what's out there? Music TV, Background to Media/Cultural imperialism, the introduction of the iPhone. Plus new case studies and activities.

Cross-referenced to current (up to summer 2009) and new (from September 2008) exam board specifications: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC