AS AQA Student Workbook Unit 1: Effective Caring

AQA Student Workbooks for Health & Social Care

Available for:

AS Unit 1: Effective Caring
AS Unit 2: Effective Communication
AS Unit 3: Health, Illness and Disease
A2 Unit 12: Human Development Factors and Theories
A2 Unit 13: The Role of Exercise in Maintaining Health and Wellbeing

Week-by-week programme of tried & tested practical tasks covering every aspect of the specification. Includes a wide range of activities for use in the classroom, at home and in care settings.

  • Fully cross-referenced to Phillip Allen & Heinemann textbooks
  • Encourages independent learning
  • Answers included

“The resource matches and interprets the specification very well.”
Stephen Smith, Health & Social Care teacher

“Caters for the different learning styles… easy to read.”
Lily Matthews, Health & Social Care teacher

“The fact that many of the activities provide students with proforma sheets for recording information is a good idea as it encourages them to keep notes in a reasonable order and format (particularly lower ability students) and means that they are not always required to take notes from a textbook or teacher presentation. I like the idea of students organising their own visits to care settings to they can gather information to enhance their understanding of care services. It makes the learning experience more active.”
Julie Allen, reviewer

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