Grudgers, Suckers, Sinners and Saints

An Introduction to Moral Philosophy

Meet Grudger and Sucker - the egoist and the altruist. Follow them on their philosophical journey together as they climb a mountain of ethical and metaphysical questions. Watch them argue as they struggle over increasingly difficult terrain - from the justification for environmentalism, to the ethics of nuclear warfare, to the nature of empathy, to the origins of political systems, and finally to the nature of the self and religious ideas of salvation.

This 100+ A4-page resource takes a fresh approach to the classical issues of moral philosophy by using real-life examples from literature, politics, anthropology, economics, popular culture and current affairs. The method is to examine these sources in terms of the philosophical questions they give rise to. This way, students discover for themselves the issues that have been the focus of philosophical analysis throughout the history of the subject. The strategic objective of the book is to teach the key ideas through meaningful classroom activities.

  • Concept rather than content-driven
  • Real-life examples used to teach the key ideas
  • Full of thought-provoking extracts and articles

    "(This) moral philosophy resource is excellent… easily usable by all who deliver any aspect of Philosphy by any exam board... It is one of the best RS-related resources I have seen by any publisher." Andrew Hill, Head of RE