A Level Edexcel Paper 3 Research Context Resource Pack

Paper 3 2024: Clothing Retail and Manufacturing Industries

Give structure to the research context.

Includes paper master PLUS online delivery via eRevision.uk:
  • Students can log in from home
  • You can set tasks & reading as homework
  • Track their progress

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It’s concise & you can see the wood for the trees

R West, HoD & Customer

Puts the concepts into the context

C Wilkinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Essential theory and concepts explained
  • Every point of the context fully explored and linked to the specification
  • Structured research tasks enable independent learning

Helps students to develop independence as well as providing assessment opportunities

A Caldwell, Head of Economics, Customer


  • Comprehensive notes and activities add flexible ways to tackle each section
  • Detailed case studies give students a springboard for further research and practice for the exam
  • Three practice papers with mark schemes

Save a lot of teacher planning and research time

S Johnson, Head of School for Business, Peer Reviewer

All specifically written for the Edexcel 2024 Paper 3 Context!

Visual, ICT resource based which makes it interactive and very accessible... Affordable... time-saving genius

S Belk, Teacher & Customer

Brilliant. I purchased two others but ZigZag’s was the best!

E Parfitt, HoD & Customer

I like that there is flexibility in how the linked tasks could be used... I like that some of the activities & challenge activities are there to promote discussion as well as assessing knowledge

J Murphy, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11628)

I would use this resource. The research is well done, the activities are well thought out and it provides a fantastic guide to students who need to start their own research to support their paper 3 exam. The range of example businesses used is fantastic and allows for students to develop their understanding of the fashion market.

The exam practice papers show a solid range of potential questions and the case study/extracts are well written and provide students with a good idea of what could be included in the upcoming exam. The extracts are well written and the papers include an appropriate quantitative element

The mark scheme is detailed and provides realistic examples of student response options. The mark boundaries track the exam board’s expectations well and provide assessors/teachers with the necessary detail needed to make a judgement on the student responses. Where calculations/quantitative skills are assessed, the author has provided links to the QS from the specification as well as calculated responses.

M Tippins, Teacher & Peer reviewer

2022 Resource Pack
Very useful as students can work at their own pace.

I found the feedback on how they had progressed through the topic excellent and was able to congratulate that student on having completed 50% of the resource.

I particularly like this resource because...
The monitoring of student progress

Helps the students to gain more confidence in this topic area.

Helps me as I have little knowledge of the sports industry.

Well researched and delivered on time.

G Kendall, Teacher & Customer

2022 resource pack
This is a very impressive resource. It can be used in class to provide a lot of breakdown into the case study. Exam papers follow the format of previous papers and offer appropriate challenge.

I like the comprehensive nature of the document. Mark schemes are helpful alongside the papers.

The resource provides extensive material to enhance student knowledge of the case study. Exam questions can be used flexibly. Mark schemes are student friendly on the whole.

As a former teacher of this course, I think the material is very appropriate for the exam paper. Lots of stimulus material alongside assessment material.

D Holland, HoD & Customer

2023 resource packIt was very helpful and useful and put the car market industry into context. It was very detailed with lots of facts and figures to support the students when thinking about the car industry.

Liked the facts and data that supported the car industry. Images and detailed explanations about the car industry. The PESTLE was very detailed and was easy to understand and relate to.

It enhances learning as it puts the car industry into context. Provides detailed facts and figures and because the students love cars they were able to relate to it and make sense of it. It provided them with new skills to develop and topics to learn about in terms of the car industry.

C Gill, HoD