ASP Comprehensive Code Snippets

Active Server Pages (ASP) are a method of creating dynamic web pages. It is the potential interactive content of web pages that makes them a feasible choice for A level Projects – not only that, it is exciting, cutting edge technology that gives the students a good knowledge of web site development.

This resource contains sample ASP pages with working ASP code that students can see and run. These code samples can be used to find out how to use ASP, plus they provide examples of how to do most tasks that students will need to complete their projects. A very popular resource in the brief time that it has been available.

The resource has a beautiful structure and clear directory system with:
  • File Name
  • Description of Code
  • What you need to alter
  • Code Listings

This resource contains:
  • Sample ASP pages
  • Working ASP code
  • ASP code viewable by students
  • Printed copies of sample code for photocopying

If you order the Digital version of the ASP resources, you will receive the accompanying guide in PDF format for easy distribution around your school/college and printing, rather than the photocopiable version. It includes a school/college site licence so you can load it on to your school/college network or Intranet (assuming your Intranet cannot be access externally).