Practice Papers for L1/2 OCR Cambridge Nationals

R067: Enterprise and Marketing Concepts

Four original, exam-style papers for Unit R067. Ensure students are familiar with the format, are ready to answer each question type and gain complete practice across the Performance Objectives.

Practice makes perfect!
  • Two formats:
    1. Write-on papers that mirror the exam style exactly – perfect for realistic mocks!
    2. Concise non-write-on papers for easy photocopying
  • Comprehensive coverage of all spec topics
  • Full range of question types included so students can perfect their exam technique
... Put students in the place of the examiner!
  • Clear student-friendly mark schemes with marking guidance and example responses
  • Students see how marks are awarded, and how to improve answers
  • Ideal for quick marking and self-assessment

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What do teachers say about this resource? (12488)

The questions used are appropriate and have covered the specification well and would challenge the development of exam techniques for students leading into the real exam at the end of the course.

I would use these as practice mocks as a build up to the main exam in the last term. They could also be used has homework tasks. I would also use the resource to do a walk and talk as a build up to the main exam so that student can build in their confidence before the main event. 

J Kelly, Teacher & Peer reviewer