Differentiated Homework Packs for GCSE AQA Physics

Deliver a fantastic homework programme for your GCSE students with these homework packs covering half of the GCSE course each.

Varied, engaging activities provide excellent opportunities to consolidate and develop writing, creative, practical and maths skills – exactly what GCSE Physics students need!

  • Differentiated to include two versions of each homework so you can give some students more scaffolding and examples.
  • Tailored to match the course, with specification references so you know when to use each homework.
  • Full mark schemes allow you to track progress of your students through the year, as well as peer & self assessment.

Activities include:

  • Storyboards
  • Maths questions
  • Match-ups
  • Graph sketching
  • Crosswords
  • Annotations

What do teachers say about this resource? (12350)

This is a useful set of homework activities that has good coverage of the specification for physics paper 1. The tasks are broken down in a logical order and sequenced so that they follow the specification order for the subject. There are two tasks that may be chosen, a harder version and an easier version, which provides staff with flexibility. I also really appreciate that the tasks are similar enough that you could go through the answers in lesson and it wouldn’t matter which version students completed because it is the scaffolding that is different between the hard and easy version and not the actual tasks themselves.
I liked the range of activities and different tasks that the homework activities are made up from. The amount of work per task is suitable for a week of homework without making it too onerous for the students to complete or for staff to mark. The resources also bring in newer applications of science which is nice to see as this will be more relevant and engaging for students.
There is an activity for each area of the specification so I feel that it covers the specification in full. There are clearly marked sections that only those students completing triple physics need to do which will help staff to decide which tasks they need to give their group depending on the course they are studying. There are a range of different applications of the ideas in physics which is important for developing students ability to answer AO2 questions.

J Davies, Head of Faculty & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12189)

Resource is very useful for all GCSE Physics specifications, not only AQA. It has a mixture of activities and tests all of the GCSE year 2 topics separate parts of the specifications.
I like the comprehensive nature of the resource with questions on all areas. Good clear answers given. Good higher and foundation questions with overlap.
Apart from homework tasks it can be used at the end of topic teaching in year 11. Part can be used in testing or in homework. Useful in revision before examinations which can highlight areas of weakness. Can be also used with online teaching or in the classroom.
Good method of giving detailed answers for each question which is very helpful for students and teachers.

K Lewis, Former Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

I like the idea of having a selection of questions for each sub-topic and the inclusion of various question tasks such as blank fill, MCQ, recall, labeling diagrams, estimation, and describe tasks. The resource provides an indication for physics-only content, allowing teachers to use it for both combined and separate science students.
This resource enhances learning by providing a comprehensive set of questions that cover different question formats and tasks. It pairs well with recall and knowledge organizer-based recall strategies, allowing for the testing of both knowledge and application.
I would purchase this resource for teaching. It would reduce workload for the department and create consistency in revision resources. It could also be used effectively as a homework resource.

H Floyd, Teacher & Peer Reviewer