Revision Guides for A Level OCR Law

High quality, accurate and relevant... prepare students for the exam and get the best marks possible

C Vorley Vaughan, Teacher, Examiner & Expert Reviewer

Focused, engaging and student-friendly, these revision notes cover all the essentials in manageable chunks for the 2020 specification. Perfect for exam revision or as end-of-topic summaries.


  • Bullet-point notes presenting need-to-know content in short, snappy sentences
  • Up-to-date with the best case-studies for the exam
  • Further research encouraging independent study and stretching your high achievers
  • Comprehension exercises to check and apply understanding
    ☆ Plus! All answers included – perfect for self-marking
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  • Tips on how to tackle the exam ensuring they are prepared beyond just knowing the subject content
  • Exam-style questions preparing them for a range of possible question types across all topics
  • Model answers and examiners commentary demonstrating how to access top marks
“Straight to the (key) point, no messing, clear and concise”S Parker, Head of Law & Customer (previous edition)

What do teachers say about this resource? (12417)

The structure of the unit and topic content is good, and clear, with current examples... Activities such as word searches are fun... I like the succinct layout of content... I like the end of topic questions and activities; this are good for teaching... The sample answers towards the end of student answers are really useful... The resource reflects the specification well.

L Davies, Head of Law & Peer Reviewer

The content is of a high quality. It matches the specification and the exam board requirements. It is clear where there is a difference between the AS and A level specs.

The resource does cover all areas of this part of the specification. The case studies/examples used are accurate and match those used on mark schemes and other resources provided by OCR. For the activities, the tasks are clear, the answers match and are accurate.

I would use the resource, the activities it contains would be great as starters or to set as independent study. There is a lot of content for the law making unit and on the A level it is only worth 20 marks so it is difficult to dedicate a lot of class time to it. Having resources like this are really useful so that students have accurate notes on the topics and can test themselves to prepare for the exam.

C Vorley Vaughan, Teacher, Examiner and Expert Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12091)

Overall, this is a good resource to support the delivery and examination of English Legal System. The advice and content is up to date and accurate.
The content is of high quality, accurate and relevant to the requirements of the exam board for this unit. All areas of the specification are dealt with and in sufficient detail.

The exam advice is up to date and accurate in relation to both the describe and discuss questions. I agree with the issues raised in the teachers notes regarding the content of the English legal system in relation to the 8-mark questions and how to counter this.

The questions used in the exam section are all accurate representations of what students could have in the exam.

Other questions used throughout the resource are akin to low stakes quizzes which provide students with opportunities to test their learning and recall. Answers to these activities are accurate.
The exam guidance and comments do reflect the current approach taken by OCR when marking this aspect of the course. The strict nature of the marking for discuss questions, where if students are asked for disadvantages, they must start each paragraph this way is the current approach and this is reflected in the way marks were awarded last summer. This can catch students out, if they start a paragraph with an advantage no credit is given for the whole paragraph which can have a detrimental impact on their overall result.

I would use it and recommend it to other teachers, especially those who teach law but do not have a law background. The information is presented in an accessible way and could be used in a variety of ways to support teaching and learning for this unit. It would be a good resource to prepare students for the exam and get the best marks possible.

C Vorley Vaughan, Teacher, Examiner & Expert Reviewer

It is a comprehensive review of the relevant areas of law. It is closely matched to the specification.

I like the fact that it was succinct (important in revision material). It has some good advice on answering exam questions and some model answers to demonstrate this.

This is a useful resource for students to check their understanding of the relevant areas of law and to understand how to answer the exam questions.

K Harding, Law Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

A good resource for OCR specification, which allows teachers to use as a teaching aid, as well as students to use as a revision tool. I like the resource because the information has been condensed into a very simple way. This resource enhances learning as it allows teachers to use in class, especially as a tool when finishing a topic. It also allows students to use as a revision aid with the questions to test themselves. The resource matches Section A of the paper really well - all topics are covered and in line with spec.

M Ahmed, Teacher of Law & Criminology & Peer Reviewer