Structured Cover Lessons for GCSE Science

Be prepared for staff absence with these 'pick up and go' lessons – specifically designed for cover by non-specialists. An invaluable collection of stand-alone lessons covering the GCSE (9-1) Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses allows you to set meaningful cover even with no time to prepare.

20+ fully resourced, versatile structured cover lessons for each Science course. Distributed across the whole 9–1 spec for each course so you’re ready for unplanned cover at any time!

The activities are engaging and learner focused so would need no subject specialist knowledge from the teacher

T Davies, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

All materials included…

  • Starters and plenaries
  • Main lesson tasks
  • Resource lists
  • Spec cross reference
  • Lesson objectives

… for effortless delivery

Structured lessons that supply teachers can pick up easily

  • Full plan for every lesson, with resource lists, spec cross-reference & objectives. Ready to use at a moment’s notice!
  • Diverse array of activities give opportunities to practise data analysis, practical evaluation and ‘how science works’ style skills, as well as consolidating understanding of core content.
  • Distributed across the whole course: always have relevant cover.

Learning outcomes were clear

C Campbell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Just what a cover teacher needs:

  • Answers included for self-marking
  • Built-in extension tasks to keep even your fastest finishers on task for the whole lesson
  • Textbook references for every lesson

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What do teachers say about this resource? (8087, 8088, 8089, 8090, 8175)

I would certainly recommend this resource, I am hugely impressed with the content...This resource is clearly and concisely written at a level that is easily accessible for the learner...

The activities are engaging and learner focused so would need no subject specialist knowledge from the teacher... There is a large number of data handling resources which reflects the types of problems often set as exam questions. These types of activity allow a non-subject specialist to cover the theory associated with practical material, without the need to set up a practical, lab-based teaching session. ... ... ...

T Davies, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The lesson plans can be easily followed by members of staff unfamiliar with science... An excellent, high quality resource.

Marking takes place within the lesson making it a useful exercise for the student and reducing workload for the teacher.

I thought tricky topics like Stem cells and evolution were tackled in an interesting manner with thought provoking questions.

It matches specification perfectly

L Roberts, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12022, 12023, 12024)

Resource is very useful and I would use most of the resources as cover, or would be happy to set as cover if a member of my department was absent. It requires little teacher input for the activities so cover lessons with non-specialists are fine.
Several of the tasks are excellent, particularly the activities for acid and alkali and organic chemistry.

J Wood, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11197, 11207, 11208)

The learning outcomes were clear and had a good range of cognitively challenging statements e.g. from ‘define’ to ‘apply’.
The notes were good for schools which did not have access to texts and for those students who had not/could not make sufficient notes for themselves for whatever reason.
It matches the AQA specification well as it provides the syllabus references for easy matching.

C Campbell, Teacher & Peer Reviewer