An Inspector Calls: Springboard Scheme of Work for GCSE Drama

Set text for:
GCSE Edexcel
GCSE Eduqas (exams from 2024)

Already a highly popular author when An Inspector Calls hit the stage, Priestley was, for many, considered the conscience of the nation – he wrote from the heart and with highly political intent, and An Inspector Calls was no exception.

Covering key thematic and theatrical elements, this Springboard Scheme of Work will help students to gain solid grounding of the events of the play while exploring performance, design and directorial aspects:

  • 8 one-hour lessons explore all relevant aspects of the play – including context, characters, themes, form, and staging
    • Chronological exploration of scenes
    • Lesson plans with starters, mains, plenaries and homeworks, plus extension tasks for differentiation
  • Variety of practical activities engages students with active exploration, experimentation and peer- and self-evaluation
  • Ready-to-use handouts mean minimal preparation – also perfect as quick, end-of-year revision sheets!
  • Plus! Glossary of key terms

These exciting and engaging lessons will increase students’ core knowledge – and develop crucial dramatic skills.

Perfect preparation for not only the written exam, but for any other component of the course!

What do teachers say about this resource? (12289)

It will be a very effective, useful and enduring resource to get started on this text... It will remove that daunting feeling that faces a new play, and replace it with confidence and material to use in most drama situations... It is easy to fall into the trap of creating a course for a piece of English literature, but this doesn’t. There are many and varied practical elements illustrating the drama that makes this a first-rate resource for the busy drama teacher, bearing in mind what else has to be studied for the exams... The AOs across different specs are covered in sufficient detail... The practical activities are the most effective... What the scheme does is to save me time and frustrations looking up extracts, characters, themes/issues and contexts. A solid, effective bedrock for teaching the play.

D Porter, Teacher & Peer Reviewer