How to Pass GCSE AQA Combined Science

Support students’ progress towards a grade 5 with these student-focused guides for GCSE (9–1) AQA Combined Science (Trilogy).

Packed with explanations, worked examples and practice questions to help them access the core content that underpins the course.

5 steps to achieve their potential:

  1. Build on the basics by focusing on core areas of the specification
  2. Boost understanding with easy-to-follow worked examples
  3. Conquer those calculations with practice questions
  4. Encourage exam success with plenty of hints and tips
  5. Reinforce key requirements with clear learning checklists

Flexible useideal for classwork, homework or self-study:

  • Students use the pack before reading the relevant textbook section to obtain a background understanding of the topic
  • Or students use as a recap/supplement afterwards to make sure they fully understand any areas they were initially stuck on

What do teachers say about this resource? (12085)

The resource was well-organized and each chapter was broken up into smaller sections so it would be easier for students to follow. It would be useful as a review at the end of each topic or for general revision.
I liked the clear diagrams and simple questioning techniques for the students. I also love the idea of the checklist so students are more independent with their learning and reviewing of their knowledge.
It is a support for students undergoing revision. It will help them prepare the exams. I would allow the students to work through the book and then support them when they had doubts. This would make revision more independent.
It matches the specification very well and would be a useful resource in preparation for the GCSE examinations.

L Roberts, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11813)

There are some good ideas in here... There is an appropriate level of detail for Grade 5 students... Working through this resource should reinforce students’ knowledge

J Tarrant, Retired Head of Sciences & Peer Reviewer