Topic Tests for A Level AQA Law

Write-on and non-write-on versions provided.

Identify your students’ strengths and weaknesses and track their progress.

Build student confidence! 13-14 comprehensive topic-by-topic tests covering every aspect of the AQA A Level Law 2017 specification. A wide range of question types helps consolidate learning and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses for class recap or individual student support.

This is an extremely comprehensive and varied resource that covers the AQA Paper 2 specification in a lot of detail

E Sutherland, Lecturer of Law & Peer Reviewer

An easy-to-set homework or in-class exercise for periodic assessment and revision.

Each test includes:

  1. Section A: Short, quick-fire questions or True/False questions easily identify gaps in knowledge on the key principles
  2. Section B: Scenario-based questions practise analysis & application
  3. Section C: Essay-based evaluation questions provide relevant exam practice
  4. Comprehensive answers – quick and easy to mark!

Tests are between 27–40 marks and designed to last for 30–50 minutes each.

What do teachers say about this resource? (12387)

Overall, this resource provides an excellent insight into contract law.

This resource gives an excellent range of questions, with the content ranging the whole spec.

The range of questions was very good, there are often only multiple choice, or 30 marker options out there, having a range of other question types is immensely useful.

This resource can be used either to teach, assess or help revise. It has applications for all. It can be used in class as examples or practice, or as homework practice to be done outside the class. It gives students the opportunity to take their knowledge from theory into a more practical and exam style context.

E Sutherland, Head of Law Department & Peer Reviewer

This is a great resource for AQA teachers, especially on contract law, which is the area of law that most teachers are least comfortable with.

The multiple choice questions are in keeping with the style and phraseology of the AQA examination. The way it looks is spot on which is so important when choosing a resource to buy.

Having extra exam practice is so useful and the way it looks is really important to prepare students, that is the key to why this is a valuable resource. Everything looks exactly as it ought to, which for teachers working out how to display exam questions that we’ve made up is the hardest thing and for me the correct layout is the biggest selling point. The resource is a close match to the style of the AQA exams, the multiple choice questions are of the right type of phrasing and complexity. The scenario questions are written in the right style so they sound like plausible scenario questions.

It’s also great that the cases selected are the leading cases which will have been used in textbooks and teaching resources. So often, the exam boards use more unusual cases. For this reason, this [resource] could actually be superior.

This will be great for a starter and would have taken ages to actually write.

It can also be used self-guided in revision for contract, because it has the excellent mark schemes, which look and feel very much like the real thing.

In terms of content this resource is spot on – thank you to the author for creating it.

S Harwood, Head of legal and professional studies & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11812)

This is an extremely comprehensive and varied resource that covers the AQA Paper 2 specification in a lot of detail. The resource generally covers a wide range of topics, details, and skills with good links to cases and scenarios are a good range of challenging and detailed questions. Incredibly useful and well thought out.

I liked the range of questions from short to long. I was also pleased with the scope that the questions covered.

When looking at Knowledge – A01, this resource quizzes the students of most aspects of Tort law and covers a range of principles and cases. It encourages depth of learning and linking of substantive areas and theories. This is good as it pushes students beyond the simple rote learning. If students are unclear on areas, if gives them an opportunity to learn it in a different way.
For Application – A02, the questions give a good range of straightforward application to more complicated exceptions and encourage the students to focus on realistic scenarios.

Evaluation – A03, has been addressed in every topic, and given students the opportunity to think beyond the simple recall and develop the links between the law they have learnt and the general theories/principles that they are based on. The mark scheme provides model answers that help the students to understand the kind of responses that are expected.

I would purchase this resource; it saves a lot of time for teachers making questions that are usually the same as what all other teachers are making. It gives the students a wide range of revision questions that stretch their skill beyond A01 and allows them to focus on the main elements of the topics with more detailed analysis being encouraged in their own study.

E Sutherland, Lecturer of Law & Peer Reviewer

All of the AQA Law specification is covered adequately in my opinion, which is excellent. Indeed I would use this resource and it is a very good test of knowledge and preparation for the Law Paper 2.
I would use the individual Tests at the end of each topic studied as a kind of ‘mini-mock’ and review before moving on to the next one. I think that would be ideal.

P Emerton, Law Teacher & Expert Reviewer