Course Companions for BTEC Tech Award 2022

Component 1: Exploring Enterprises
Component 3: Marketing and Finance for Enterprise

Endorsed for BTEC

Component 1 Course Companion is Endorsed by Pearson for use with the BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise specifcation (2022).

Guide your students through the 2022 BTEC Tech Award specification with these accessible notes and activities, presented in specification order, covering all learning outcomes.

  • Student-friendly notes interspersed with images and diagrams to support visual learners
  • Examples and case studies help students apply the theory to real enterprises
  • Activities for every learning outcome to reinforce understanding, inspire discussion and encourage further research
  • Complete glossary included!

  • Component 3 includes practice exam questions with answers

Sample answers and web/video links provided for relevant activities

What do teachers say about this resource? (11707)

I liked this resource, it covers the theory for every element of the new Tech Award 2022 Specification in detail. There are lots of appropriate activities throughout and relevant links and QR codes which can help learners relate this knowledge to real businesses. The content of this resource is well laid out, diagrams and images have been used to ensure that it is accessible for learners.

The element that I like the most are the activities that I can use in my teaching and the fact that they are all related to the specification.

This resource can be used for students in the preparation for their component 1 assessment. The theory can be used for revision to ensure they are clear of the content required for the externally set assignment. It can also be used for teachers to prepare the students for their assessment and can complement their teaching.

It is very well laid out, there are appropriate images and diagrams to make everything clear.

The resource matches the specification. The content is split into the appropriate learning aims and covers everything learners are required to know.

C Treagus, Head of Business & Peer Reviewer

The content is suitable for BTEC Tech Award students. There are lots of images to support students as the target audience would not find pages of text accessible.

I think the resource is helpful for learners and teachers. It comprehensively covers the re-developed specification and is written in accessible language that learners can easily understand. There are lots of activities to enhance learning.

J Whatford, Peer Reviewer