Multiple Choice Practice Questions

for GCSE AQA Trilogy Science

Great for assessment for learning!

A superb revision tool and confidence builder for this challenging question type, an integral part of the GCSE exams!

  • Each pack contains 130+ original questions with answers, testing every topic for excellent exam prep.
  • Covers applied knowledge, facts, maths and practical skills – just like the real papers.

Brilliant for formative assessment... This will allow teachers and students to easily identify their strengths and weaknesses, giving them tailored and specific feedback so that they can progress

N Perumal, Head of KS4 Science and Peer Reviewer (GCSE AQA Biology)

But it gets better!

This resource is so well thought out, it's incredible!

N Perumal, HoD and Peer Reviewer (GCSE AQA Physics)
  • Answers for the first set of 65+ questions have worked solutions and careful commentary so students can self–assess and learn from mistakes
  • Students then apply their learning to the second set of 65+ questions – a truly formative approach!

Perfect for homework, in-class revision or cover lessons, with no teacher preparation required.