Debates in Biology for A Level AQA Biology

Engaging articles with activities, based on topics across the entire A Level AQA Biology specification – perfect for inspiring all students while they practise key essay-writing skills.

My first thoughts are what an incredible amount of work went into producing this resource!

E Benton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Covers key course content in an engaging way while exemplifying essay skills such as writing a good argument, using reliable sources and understanding causation and correlation.


  • 13 well-reasoned and accessible articles including ‘The Story of DNA’, ‘Conservation: is It Working?’ and ‘Vaccines: a Question of Safety’
  • A variety of stimulating activities for each article builds up the skill levels.
  • Comprehension questions assess basic understanding
  • Discussion points and tasks consolidate and extend both knowledge and skills
  • Essay questions with indicative content provide essential writing practice!


  1. Students read through the articles in class, completing some or all of the activities for homework or…
  2. Flipped learning: students read through the articles in preparation for classwork, completing the activities during lessons!

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My first thoughts are what an incredible amount of work went into producing this resource!
I particularly like the range of activities that accompanies each article and the fact that it comes with suggested answers.
Having this pack in the department would certainly save a lot of time for a teacher running a G&T club or preparing students for Oxbridge interviews.
I would use this resource primarily to help prepare students who had interviews for biological science-related degrees (including medicine). It could be offered as additional stretch and challenge work to develop reading skills, critical thinking, research and synoptic thinking.
In addition, these articles could be used as stimulus material for those thinking of topics for their EPQ projects.

E Benton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer