Learning Grids: WJEC Level 3 Certificate/Diploma in Criminology

Aligns with the:
WJEC Level 3 Criminology
2020 specification

A brilliant way to motivate your students!

Students work through the question grids to review each specification point in order. Cross-referenced to the most popular Criminology textbooks to ensure structured study.

A 'go to' resource for learners

A Kinloch, Criminology Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This organised and active learning method helps students identify the key points and build confidence.

Great for students who learn best by doing. Dramatically improves learning for students in need of additional support.

Exemplar completed grids for easy marking and provide revision notes with full specification coverage!
  • Requires minimal teacher planning and input – ideal for cover lessons
  • An easy-to-set, valuable homework option
  • Pinpoints topic strengths and weaknesses for targeted support

I would be happy to give this for independent work and know that students would have the exact information needed

K Seazell, Criminology Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Cross-referenced against:
  • WJEC Level 3 Applied Certificate & Diploma Criminology, by Carole A Henderson (Illuminate Publishing, 2021, ISBN 9781912820986)
  • Criminology WJEC Level 3 Criminology Book One for the WJEC Level 3 Applied Certificate & Diploma, by Rob Webb and Annie Townend (Napier Press, 2021, ISBN 9781838271503)

ZigZag Education is not affiliated with Illuminate Publishing or Napier Press.

What do teachers say about this resource? (11290)

It is very detailed and well drafted. It will be very useful for a plenary tool to make sure all criteria is covered. The resource covers each part of the specification and uses examples to guide answers.

It is very detailed and it makes sure all the basics of the assessment criteria are covered and no areas are missed. It would be useful to use as a plenary activity if cut down per assessment criteria.

H Salter, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I love this resource!

I really like the concise way the information is set out. I feel that this could have multiple uses and is very adaptable in the way it could be used both within and outside the classroom. I would be happy to give this as revision or as a pre lesson learning task. It would also work well as knowledge checkers (using the questions and requiring the specific answers as response). Overall, it is a brilliant resource which would save lots of time!

I really like the way it is set out - it is really clear and therefore can serve multiple purposes. I would be happy to give this for independent work and know that students would have the exact information needed.

I feel that especially for my low ability students this would support both revision and in class delivery. It would ensure that all students have the bare minimum information needed - this would work especially well for those who struggle to get information down in lessons.

Layout is clear and concise. I really like it.

Exact [specification] match - perfect for delivery.

K Seazell, Criminology Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I think it is an extremely useful resource, enabling students to organise their ideas when preparing for the controlled assessment. The fact it follows the organisation of the specification so closely will help ensure students do not miss points on the specification.

The layout, the fact it is easy to copy, and its versatility. I like the references to the pages in both textbooks. The level of detail in AC 1.1, covering the full range of crimes, is particularly good. It matches the specification very closely.

This is a very versatile resource which could be assigned in class and as homework. It is a quick and accurate way for teachers to assess learning, and marking could be done alone, peer-to-peer, or as a class. Some of the answers could also generate further class discussion in which students add detail, enhancing learning.

I think the way that the grids have been created is attractive and I particularly like the fact that the category of crime is written vertically, saving space and making the topic very instantly recognisable.

J Landon, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

A good resource which would meet the demands of the course. Matches and interprets the specification very well. All areas of unit 1 are covered in enough detail for students to be able to access the CA.
I really liked the layout, the course is very structured and this resource follows the structure well. As the author says, it can be used for a range of purposes - flipped learning, re-cap etc. There is no need for 'revision' in this section of the course and this resource quite correctly builds on knowledge rather than attempting to be a revision material. Resource is well cross referenced to the text book. I believe this would be invaluable for new teachers of the spec.

E Clements, Head of Social Sciences & Peer Reviewer

The resource is well organised by AC which is easy to follow and acts as a 'go to' resource for learners. It is an ideal resource for peer marking and self-assessment with the opportunity to check to understand AC criteria. This would make a useful plenary or starter activity for teachers to use in the classroom. The resource would also provide a good modelling opportunity for teachers who could encourage learners to provide their own answers, using the model as a scaffold for student learning.

This resource offers an alternative to the usual quizzes for subject knowledge. It can be used in several ways from self-testing, peer assessment, in-class or flipped learning. Each question could be opened and learners' answers compared to and matched to those on the resource.

A Kinloch, Criminology Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Easy for peer marking and clear reference to the spec with each new grid.

H Connellan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12420, 12436)

This resource is great way to assess understanding at different points of learning for the external examination unit in year 13. There are a variety of different activities to complete that allow the learner and teacher to effectively assess ability and confidence ahead of the exam. They provide a clear set of activities that can be used for homework, independent learning or cover work. The tasks can be used as formative assessment per AC as low stakes; or alternatively sections of the questions could be used as starter/plenary activities. Questions in this resource address every element of the specification and the amplification of each assessment criteria... Indicating the appropriate page numbers to both textbooks is a fantastic idea for students who would like to revisit the topic or have their own copies of the books at home. It is also a great idea for independent study to highlight supporting resources... As the resource contains the answers, it allows learners to be responsible for their own learning when completing tasks and checking their accuracy; and could be used as part of peer marking. This resource enhances learning as this resource can be easily used for homework and formative assessment activities. The tasks are designed to not take too much time which will be more appealing to the students, especially if these are used as a homework activity... This resource could form part of a homework booklet... The layout is clear and consistent for students and breaks the knowledge down clearly... This resource clearly matches the specification... An excellent homework or independent learning resource.

C Hickman, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is suitable for the intended audience. The language used is suitable for level 3 and the content is of good quality with appropriate examples given.

The resource comprehensively covers the content for unit 4 with every aspect covered. Examples used are relevant and up to date.

The questions are suitably worded. The questions and tasks are clearly written. The answers in the mark scheme match the questions asked.

I would be happy to use this resource. Student traditionally struggle with this exam so would value such a resource to help them with their exam preparation/revision. It is also a flexible resource which can be used in lesson or as part of independent study.

C Vorley Vaughan, Criminology Teacher and Expert Reviewer

The resource was good and it would be useful to direct students to specific note taking points of the unit so they have a short document for revision.

It will give the students a clearly labelled document for all the key points rather than having to find the information in books which could be in paragraph form. The educational value is that it would be useful as a clear structure with excellent questions that cover all aspects of the unit.

I think that it matches the specification well as all the key points are there.

[Would you purchase this resource?]
Yes, I would as it has a clear structure of the requirements of the unit.

C Hughes, Freelance Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12112)

Unit 3 is a controlled assessment unit so there are exam board restrictions on what work teachers can mark and give feedback on. Students can take notes into the assessment but not marked work. Therefore, a resource such as this is very useful to assess students and check their understanding ahead of the assessment.

The content is high quality and suitable for students studying criminology at level 3 on the WJEC syllabus.

This unit is generally well done by students but it can be difficult for teachers to check understanding and monitor progress as we cannot mark and give feedback on whole ACs. This resource helps to work round this issue. If students worked through the activities and produced detailed answers they would be fully prepared to complete the assessment.

C Vorley Vaughan, Teacher, Examiner & Expert Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (12005)

I liked it as a supplementary resource to use alongside classroom teaching. It is clear and informative

I like the layout and feel it would be easily accessible for all pupils. It is a good layout which could be given to pupils to ensure all of them have access to all of the information needed for the exam. It is clear and concise.

I like this as a revision aid or for pupils to learn outside the lesson. It would be a good addition to learning and for pupils to look over notes if they are unable to attend or need extra input outside of lessons. I also feel this would be good scaffolding for pupils at the start of the unit or for those who need to retake.

It matches the specification well with the information that pupils are expected to know clearly in the grid.

K Seazell, Head of Year 11, teacher of Criminology & Peer Reviewer

Overall a useful resource which fits well with other ZIG ZAG education resources I have reviewed for this unit. A lot of criminology students struggle with the exam aspect, preferring the controlled assessment element. There are a lot of theories to cover and terminology to understand so resources like this can support students to reach their full potential as well as giving teachers resources to use in and out of the classroom.

The content is of a high quality and suitable for level 3. Content is all covered – all ACs from the specification are dealt with.

it would be a good resource for revision and recall of material for the exam. Would be a very good companion to the topic tests. Used in conjunction with each other they would provide comprehensive support for staff and students for this unit. Teachers of criminology are not always subject specialists so support on theories would be very useful for them.

C Vorley Vaughan, Criminology Teacher & Examiner

It gives learners opportunities to practice application of theory

L Elsby, Teacher & Peer Reviewer