Stretch and Challenge Articles for A Level AQA Chemistry

Highly relevant and thought-provoking articles covering a wide range of topics across the AQA Chemistry AS & A Level specifications. With follow-up activities for every article and full spec mapping, this is a wonderful addition to any program of study.

  • 11 engaging articles
  • Fascinating examples of both cutting edge and historic developments to engage students with Chemistry
  • Builds from the core A Level knowledge to stretch even your top students with innovative and imaginative applications
  • Discussion and comprehension questions for use in class or at home

  • Articles include:
    • Redox reactions in biology
    • What are orbitals?
    • Boron – breaking the rules of bonding
    • Magnesium – more than a silver ribbon
    • Rates of reaction – how not to be scared of mathematical models
    • Haemoglobin – winning the equilibrium game
    • Expanding the chemistry of alkenes
    • The chemistry of vision
    • A closer look at nucleophilic substitution
    • Solvents – making solutions!
    • Springing into action – the theory behind infrared spectroscopy