PowerPoint Presentations

GCSE AQA RS: Component 1: Islam

Great for visual learners!

Animated and comprehensive PowerPoint presentations with matching worksheets designed to engage all students with the key concepts of the GCSE AQA A RS specification.

Ideal for teacher-led learning with effortless delivery – the perfect complement to your existing scheme of work!

Part 1: 26 PowerPoint Presentations
  • Accessible and beautifully presented notes – engage and support your students
  • Imaginative and interactive activities for seamless consolidation, including homework tasks for every lesson!
  • Student-friendly answers directly follow activities for instant feedback and marking
Part 2: Worksheets
  • Supportive, accompanying worksheets enable students to complete all activities presented on the PowerPoints on paper
  • Promotes further engagement and understanding of the content covered on the PowerPoint slides

Also includes revision presentations and end of-topic tests – perfect in the run-up to exams!

Topics covered – Islam:

  1. Introduction to Islam
  2. Islamic Key Beliefs
  3. Sunni and Shia
  4. Tawhid
  5. Angels
  6. Predestination
  7. Akhirah
  8. Adam and Eve
  9. Risalah
  10. Prophet Mohammad
  11. The Qur’an
  12. The Bible and the Torah
  13. Mid-topic Revision
  14. Mid-topic Test
  15. Mid-topic Test Answers
  1. Worship in Islam
  2. Shahada
  3. Salah
  4. Zakat
  5. Ramadan
  6. Hajj
  7. Islamic Festivals
  8. Sunna Hadith and Shariah Law
  9. End of Topic Revision
  10. End of Topic Test
  11. End of Topic Answers