Topic Assessment System for A Level Edexcel Politics

Assessments at 3 levels, each with a paired reinforcement test that mirrors the first. Hundreds of new questions comprehensively cover A Level Edexcel Politics!

  • Easy solution for differentiation
  • Regular assessment ensures practice and progress
  • Flexible use and easy marking

Levelled Assessments

For every topic:

1: Multiple Choice Quizzes
with paired Set B

Check essential AO1 knowledge of each topic:

  • Students show understanding of key information – motivating for weaker students
  • Reveals weaknesses in fundamental knowledge and understanding
2: Short-answer Tests
with paired Set B

Focus on analysis of all key areas of each topic at AO2 level:

  • Each short-answer question is a bite-size challenge towards an essay on the topic
  • USA Politics: comparative topics culminate in 12-mark comparative theories questions
3: Exam-style Essays
with paired Set B

Put it all into practice! Prepare for exam success by building AO3 evaluation skills.

  • Full range of exam-style 30-markers represented
  • Set A: model answers for students to analyse and compare with their own
  • Set B: indicative content to self-mark

Question-by-Question Mirroring

QUIZ for AO1
13.	What is meant by ‘affirmative action’?
A.	Laws preventing production and sale of alcohol 
B.	Laws enforcing racial segregation 
C.	Laws used to manipulate electoral boundaries 
D.	Laws to promote positive discrimination 	(1 mark)
Questions intelligently flipped 
13.	What is the term for laws to promote positive discrimination?
A.	Affirmative action 
B.	Gerrymandering 
C.	Jim Crow laws 
D.	Prohibition	 (1 mark) TEST for AO2
4.  	Explain two ways in which the constitution limits judicial rulings on civil rights.	(4 marks) 
 AO2 questions mirrored with opposites
4.  	Explain two ways in which judicial rulings on civil rights are authoritative. 	(4 marks) ESSAY for AO3 (Set A with model answer)
6. 	Evaluate the view that civil rights are a matter for the courts. 	(30 marks)
 Similar Set B questions  allow practice on the same topic 
6.	Evaluate the view that civil rights should be a matter for states. 	(30 marks)
Flexible use example: Analyse the Set A model answer in class, then assign the Set B essay for homework