A Level AQA Practice Exam Papers: Paper 2

For A Level AQA 7192 4 unique exam-style practice papers for each optional topic of Paper 2

Perfect for mocks; your students will be fully prepared to succeed in their examination!

  • Carefully designed to cover each topic on the specification
  • Command words and mark tariff matched to the exam board
  • Original papers – not available from AQA

Put students in the place of the examiner!
Clear student-friendly mark schemes include answer content and marking guidance. Students see how marks are awarded, improving exam technique.

Write-on and non-write-on versions for added flexibility

The educational value is huge - they provide students with the opportunity to really understand the demands of the exam before they sit it

D Taborda, Politics Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10908, 10909, 10910, 10911, 10912, 10913, 10914, 10915)

This is really useful to have more practice questions for a specific topic, especially Media as most schools do Beliefs ... The questions are different from what is already available while being relevant to the specification. The mark scheme are also really useful ... Practice exam skills, look at mark schemes to understand the requirements ... Exam practice is essential for students. They also can use them to build banks of essays

J Poulin, HoD & Customer

Great resource for Culture and Identity ... It provides different questions from what you can find from past papers while being in a similar format ... Exam practice is essential for students. It helps them with time management, essay skills ... Culture and Identity AND Media go very well together and they are relevant to students - ZZ has resources to help initiate the change from Families and Beliefs

J Poulin, HoD & Customer