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USA Updates

A2 Government and Politics

Every one of these topical Updates addresses a popular examination topic. Thorough & detailed topic resources, fully up to date. Key questions throughout challenge students to consider their opinions.

  • Fully up-to-date information for your best students
  • Weaker students benefit from a breakdown of specific exam topics

USA Update Pack 2011

Is the President Too Powerful? 3rd Edition

Explores the title question with for/against points. Detailed discussion from constitutional powers and limitations, the 'Imperial President', and impeachment. New extended case studies of Barack Obama and quotes to use for presidency questions.

"A welcome addition to the new specification that covers aspects of the presidency in some detail... Its concise nature, layout and use of presidential examples to reinforce a specific point enables the student to remember and relate knowledge to questions on the presidency."
— N Ashworth, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer

How Important is the Vice President? 3rd Edition

Discussion of the often-overlooked post includes new case studies on choosing a running mate in 2008 and on Joe Biden's Vice-Presidency.

Cost of Elections in the USA: Is the price too high? 3rd Edition

Focus on new case studies of 2006, 2008 and 2010 midterms. From PACs to 527s, Buckley v Valeo 1976 to Citizens United v FEC 2010, presents the evidence on the rules and spending in US elections, looking forward to 2012.

US Supreme Court: Is it too powerful politically? 5th Edition

Addresses crucial questions such as: 'Is the Court too powerful?' and 'Is it too political?'. Updated information and analysis of Sotomayor and Kagan's appointments and the Citizens United v FEC case (2010).

"A very detailed examination of the Supreme Court, which goes beyond just the current workings and role of the Supreme Court, and... gives relevant context... accessible to all students and will enable both weaker and more able students to understand the nuances associated with studying the Supreme Court."
— R Fairhead, Head of Politics, Examiner & Independent Reviewer

Affirmative Action: Right or Wrong? 3rd Edition

Includes meaning and development of, and problems for, affirmative action; updated section on Obama. Includes 5 case studies for in-depth study. Should affirmative action be ended, or mended?

"Well structured context and background with a clear section bringing it up to date... The commentary on Obama is exactly what I was hoping for in the update... Enhances learning with current examples - very necessary in answering questions on this theme... The essay planning section is a welcomed addition."
— R Lawton, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer