A Level Edexcel Learning Grids: Political Ideas

A brilliant idea designed to support differentiation. Students work through the question grids to review each specification point. Working alone or in pairs, with or without their books, every student can engage with this resource.

Focuses on knowledge. This is the foundation block they need

D Taborda, Politics Teacher & Customer

Progressive structure helps students grasp the basics before tackling applied questions.

A godsend for weaker students who find it difficult to absorb information in class. Particularly supports ‘hands-on’ learners who need to write information down to absorb it.

Requires minimal preparation and interaction from the teacher
  1. Leads to active learning, scaffolding of understanding and student confidence
  2. An easy-to-set, yet valuable homework or cover lesson
  3. Students work individually, you can focus where the help is needed
  4. End result: revision notes – with full spec coverage!

There are no other resources like this

S Pugsley, Head of Political Sciences & Customer
Cross-referenced against:
  • ZigZag Education Course Companions for A Level Edexcel Politics
  • Edexcel GCE Politics AS and A Level Student Book, by Goodlad et al. (Pearson, ISBN 978–1292187020)
  • UK Government and Politics for AS/A Level (5th Ed.), by Bennett et al. (Hodder, ISBN 978–1471889233)

ZigZag Education is not affiliated with Pearson or Hodder.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10898)

With there not being many resources for Feminism this is a godsend. I believe it is a superb resource for revision and I am very pleased with it! Excellent Questions and Answers included - well written... The key content is covered carefully and ensures a good range of information is included... The activities are varied and they are not just simple questions requiring one-word answers... really stretches the knowledge of the students. They are deceptively simple - the resources require students to really consider the key facets of feminism and also each of its thinkers to ensure that students are able to consolidate their learning. My students have found using the Learning Grids invaluable and a superb way to consolidate their notes and their knowledge. Therefore, this resource's value is unquantifible in my opinion - better than any textbook... nothing is left out.

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

Concise and accessible questions for students to answer based around the specification content. The questions allow for teachers to probe student understanding of core ideas and principles, feminist strands and feminist key thinkers... particularly useful as it comes as a blank version with questions and a completed version with answers. Teachers will value the ability to question students in a reliable and accurate manner. Students will value the completed version with answers that can be issued in order for students to compare and contrast their answers against what is expected by the specification... accurate but succinct definitions of a range of complex feminist ideas and principles. This resource could be used for: 1. revision purposes in the lead up to examinations. The completed answer version could be used as a 'knowledge organiser' to allow students to plan responses to sample answers. 2. The blank versions could be gradually distributed as 'retrieval practice' activities in order to test AO1 knowledge and understanding... this resource actively reduces 'cognitive load' for students by ensuring that it focuses on the essential information students are expected to understand... The resource sticks close to the Edexcel specification... differing views and tensions within feminism are identified and explained with an additional 'Conflict and Consensus' section which is particularly valuable for students to build AO2 analysis marks... key thinkers are unpacked using a range of open and closed questioning

M Phillips, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I liked this resource. It did what it said on the tin, so to speak, and provided adequate,but not excessive information,which could be taken ownership of ,by the student ... I particularly liked ... the variety of activities ... This would enhance learning by providing opportunities for diagnostic tests, self-learning and catching up, if one had missed some lessons. Its educational value is to improve the clarity of the student’s understanding by pointing out fine distinctions between both thinkers and concepts and improving the student’s political vocabulary ... Presentation was fine, following the spec in a logical manner. I also liked the unpretentious layout with the heading/theme at side and questions next to space for answers ... The modules interpret the spec accurately

L Ashley, Head of Politics & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10896)

A brilliant resource and there is really no other company in my opinion that produces the breadth and depth of resources that Zig Zag does... The range of topics being covered is comprehensive therefore ensuring that students are receiving the information that they need for Conservatism. The learning grids allow for students to come and go with the resource as they see fit - therefore, they can provide lengthy or quick revision as the students feel will benefit them... They have been written by writers who clearly understand the specification clearly therefore ensuring that the students are getting the best possible coverage for their exams... what sets this resource apart from others is its sheer versatility. From quick revision bursts, to longer revision sessions, development of the simple answers to essay planning, these are more than just questions on a grid. They provide the most simple and basic structure to those who struggle with complex study methods and yet provide a basis for further development of notes and details for those who want to take them further... it matches the specification perfectly so students will not miss out on what is needed for their exam questions.

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

This resource provides a very clear way of working through the content when used for example alongside the Political ideas for A Level textbook... The resource clearly leads learners through the key content required of the potential exam questions on this theme. Each of the key principles and each of the key thinkers are reflected... I would use the resource in two ways. As a follow up on the teaching of the ideology. It is good for checking and consolidation and also it would work well in cases where learners may have missed some elements of the taught course to help catch up. The resource also allows for good independent study as the answers could be provided once complete for learners to self assess/check key understanding... All the key principles and thinkers are reflected and it represents sound coverage for A01.

R Lawton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10895)

Another excellent resource for the learning grids collection. My students love these and have again praised the quality of the resources. They have said that they simply can't get enough of them - high praise indeed. I am very happy with the quality of the resource - socialism has become that little bit easier to understand... socialism is a difficult concept to learn and is probably the most misunderstood - learning grids help to break those misconceptions down... The key thinkers questions are excellent and relevant... The range of questions are varied and important and relevant - something that is crucial for the students to help with their understanding... My students have loved these grids and have consistently said how important they are to their revision - they have also been helping to underline their understanding of the socialist topics. As the students can use these on their own (which is what they have been doing), this has been educationally priceless for them... Students wouldn't be thrown any 'red herrings' with this resource - everything is perfectly matched!

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

It made many of the complexities of the topic - Socialism - more accessible... accessible to all students... Very useful for teachers with limited experience of teaching political ideologies... Like the "grid" focus on key points and issues... Very good balance and overview of the specification... learning grids would appear to be a technique of highlighting the most salient parts of the course.

C Owen, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10899)

It enhances learning by providing sufficient but not excessive information, so learners can feel confident of consolidating it. Its educational value is that it is pitched at the right academic level to achieve high grades ... user friendly ... It matches and interprets the specification logically ... there is plenty of variety

L Ashley, Head of Politics & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10894)

This has been quite an important god-send for us given the difficulty we have had teaching the ideologies to the students. Any resource is welcome and this particular type of liberalism resource is simply wonderful to have. The students are very welcoming of the learning grids as are we as a department! Excellent, consistent structure to the learning grids - the ideologies learning grids are in sync with each other which allows the students to have some clear, simple structure... They are easy to revise from - it isn't complicated and they are perfect for a quick 10-15 minute blast of revision to ensure understanding and consolidation of knowledge... The Assessment Objectives are being covered superbly and are done discreetly so that students are able to hone their skills in a more rounded, detailed manner... They have been commenting on how much easier Liberalism has become for them in terms of understanding the basics and this in turn allows the students to formulate more complex answers and knowledge bases for Liberalism... written for Edexcel and therefore includes the key content which has been expected in the Specification brief from Edexcel. The questions provide a good base of knowledge for students to answer more complex Liberalism questions in their exams therefore highlighting the importance of how the specification has been met in this learning grid resource for Liberalism.

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

Gives students the chance to break down liberalism and its thinkers into manageable chunks. Good for revision...Good range of material on 5 key thinkers - suits new syllabus well.

S Foster, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10897)

Loved it. I used the old learning grids for Edexcel 3B and 4B when I taught it for 10 years, and would readily do so again. Brilliant way for students to get an overview of the ideology, particularly at the end when you’ve taught it... Comprehensive... Give students a full overview of the ideology. Ideal to complete as a revision activity when they have finished the ideology, or gradually as they go through each core value and then each thinker each lesson... Bang on for Edexcel... [presentation and layout is] great...

S Foster, Head of Economics. & Peer Reviewer