Drama: Handbook of Instant Lessons for KS3

The activities comprised in this handbook are a collection of creative and stimulating ideas for teachers that includes a selection of scripts, word games and scenarios, all suited to KS3. Designed for Drama and English teachers, this resource helps students develop speaking, listening and performance skills. Each activity sheet is easily photocopied, minimising the preparation for each lesson/activity.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (1072)
"I particularly like this resource because there is no lengthy reading needed, you can pull out any exercise you want and the resources you may need have been done for you and can easily be photocopied." B Chapman, Satisfied Customer
'I like its concise nature, it makes it easy to pick up and use straight away. All the activities foster the development of confidence, and learning through practical exploration. It would be a welcome addition to my collection of games and activities — you can never have enough of this kind of stuff — a Drama teacher’s bread and butter!' K Meredith Jones, HoD and Independent Reviewer
'Fantastic. The lessons are complete, exciting and stand-alone which is a great help for cover but also great to gauge the learner ability at the beginning of the year. It is the variety of the lessons that makes the work interesting and engages the learners — above all the lessons are fun and this is what drama should be. An excellent tool for Drama. J Gillespie, Head of Performing Arts & Independent Reviewer
'The games and excercises are the strength of this resource. They allow you to teach fundamental dramatic concepts to completely inexperienced students. The resource is a compilation of tried and tested excercises. The games are at the childrens' level, and allow them to learn through play.' H Stockburn, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I like the clarity of the pieces and the fact that it can be dipped in and out of. I also liked the fact that it gave you everything you needed.' R Farish, Acting Head of Drama and Independent Reviewer
'a very managable, user-friendly resource.' R Patton, Drama and English Teacher and ZigZag Customer