Course Companions for AS/A Level Eduqas Religious Studies

Covers all the key knowledge first then goes on to discuss key issues...

...This is useful for students as it develops their AO2, which is a much needed skill for this specification.

R Swindell, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Simplify your planning, cover all spec points, and prepare your class for the AS or A Level exam with these definitive companions to the 2016 Eduqas Religious Studies specification.

Comprehensive and student-friendly notes for every topic in varied, easy-to-digest formats.

  • Follows the spec order exactly in manageable sections – simple to slot into your scheme of work
  • Special focus on analytical skills, including strengths and weaknesses of debates, to hit AO2 marks
  • Key terms defined throughout to familiarise religious and philosophical terminology

The writing tasks and discussion prompts will be a valuable help for teachers in planning lessons and homework

R Jowett, RS Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Plenty of opportunities for consolidation and engagement throughout – ensure students use their new knowledge.

  • Including starter activities, active learning tasks, discussion questions, research activities, exam-prep exercises, quizzes with answers, and more!

What do teachers say about this resource? (10656)

Excellent.. extremely useful for students following the course. My son has just completed Y12, and is studying Eduqas Religious Studies as one of his A Levels. I feel this resource would be very helpful for him. Speaking as a dad, as well as a teacher of RS, this is perhaps the highest endorsement I could give to this resource. I especially like the way this resource is so closely tied to the content of the specification. The sub-headings throughout the text make it very clear which part of the Spec’ is in focus at any given time. It is comprehensive in its scope, and I feel, leaves no stone unturned in terms of content coverage. Key features like the glossaries and the ‘key thinker profiles,’ as well as the ‘quick quizzes’ with answers, all reinforce effectively key student learning for the course. The author’s writing style throughout is engaging and helpful, and I feel will connect well with A’ Level students. An excellent resource. The author is to be congratulated for the huge of amount of effort he has invested, and the countless hours that have clearly gone into the production of this resource. It is always uplifting when teachers are prepared to share their expertise like this.

C Pountain, Head of RE & Peer Reviewer