Topic on a Page: Theoretical Perspectives for GCSE Media Studies

Specially designed to be used across all boards for the 2017 GCSE (9–1) Media Studies specifications

Encourage your students to be analytical learners and give them the confidence to support their exam responses with a sound understanding of the prescribed GCSE Media theories.

These visual and engaging A3 (photocopiable) revision posters cover the key theorists and concepts in a student-friendly, easy-to-understand approach, ensuring students have all the knowledge they need to excel in this particularly tricky area of the exam.

All key theories covered:
  1. Semiotics (Media Language) – Saussure, Sanders Peirce, Barthes
  2. Narrative (Media Language) – Todorov, Propp, Lévi-Strauss
  3. Genre (Media Language) – Neale
  4. Versions of Reality (Media Representation) – Hall, Buckingham
  5. Identity and Subcultures (Media Representation) – Hall, Mulvey
  6. Audience Interpretation (Media Audiences) – Hall, Bandura, Laswell
  7. Audience Pleasure and Interactivity (Media Audiences) – Blumler, Katz

Each topic summary is provided as:

  1. A complete Revision Poster
  2. A partially complete Activity Poster with focused and varied tasks for structured revision (in both A3 and A4 format!)
  • Concise notes covering key knowledge and terminology students need for the exam
  • Clear and relevant examples illustrating challenging concepts
  • Presented in an engaging and easy-to-access format – perfect for visual learners

Facilitates manageable revision…

  • Hand out at the end of the course or topic for revision and consolidation
  • Assign partially completed posters as in-class activities or homeworks
  • Display in classroom or use as place mats as visual cues