GCSE AQA (9-1) Multiple Choice Question Bank

Practice makes Perfect!
A superb revision tool and confidence builder for one mark Multiple-choice Questions.

Matches the specification perfectly

C Turner, Head of Geography & Peer Reviewer

Students sometimes rush these relatively straightforward questions, missing out on marks which could raise them into a higher grade-point. Practicing the technique through repetition of the format will make every pupil a pro!

  • 120+ original questions with answers, testing every topic for excellent exam prep.
  • Importantly includes student-friendly explanations of why each answer is right or wrong.

This is a wonderful resource...

...each topic contains a number of focused, relevant questions that link very well to the course. I really like how each single choice of answer has a detailed explanation with it...

...It really sets this resource apart from anything else that may be available to purchase

D Burgess, Head of Geography & Peer Reviewer

Perfect for class revision sessions, cover lessons or homework, with no teacher preparation required.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10445)

This is a wonderful resource. The specification has been carefully considered and each topic contains a number of focused, relevant questions that link very well to the GCSE Geography course.

I really like how each single choice of answer has a detailed explanation with it. It really sets this resource apart from anything else that may be available to purchase. The explanations for each correct and incorrect answer are very thorough.

Teachers can use this resource to help students with knowledge recall and retrieval practice. Multiple choice questions test knowledge. Students interact with lots of snippets of course material in just a few questions.

The layout is very clear to follow and the resource is extremely well-structured.

Excellent variety of questions which cover all the topics. The material has been selected carefully with good use of figures.

These questions and answers would be very useful for starter activities, homework, or revision. The resource is very detailed. I’d definitely buy a copy for the department.

D Burgess, Head of Geography & Peer Reviewer

I really like this resource, it is a simple design but it has been built well, with a wide range of questions, photos and figures. With easy to identify answers. It is an easy to use resource, either as a whole unit set of questions of to extract the odd question for a lesson.

I like the fact that you can use the resource in a number of ways. As a more formal check of knowledge or as a quiz in-class time. The layout is clear and easy to follow. As the questions are quick fire, they are able to be integrated into teaching in a variety of ways. It is not a prescriptive, one use resource.

It is accessible to all students, uses key terms and facts and figures. It encourages the recall of knowledge and is a quick activity that quickly helps to gauge learning. The range of visual figures/photos is good exposure to the different types of figures/photos they might come across in the exam.

The resource matches the specification perfectly, using the unit names and all terminology you associate.

I think the resource is great.

It is a great time saving tool. To develop something similar for use in the classroom would take a significant amount of time!

It also helps to maintain consistency, as this resource can be used by all teachers in the departments to ensure that ask a wide range of questions to gauge levels of learning and knowledge retention.

A thoroughly well planned and executed resource for the AQA Specification.

C Turner, Head of Geography & Peer Reviewer

It would be good value as there is a lot of content. Use of these quiz questions would help to boost knowledge retrieval in students over the GCSE course. There is effective integration of figures (images, maps, graphs) to boost geographical skills.
I like how most of the questions have an explanation of why it is the correct/incorrect answer. This could help students use these independently or peer/self mark the quizzes.
They would also be very useful for quick and easy retriveal practice activities.

A Mclean, Head of Geography & Peer Reviewer

I think this is a very useful, time-saving resource for teachers, particularly as an editable document, allowing teachers to set multiple choice questions on paper or online. The explanations allow self-assessment and review. The number of different questions for each topic is impressive, allowing multiple short tests to be done on each topic.
I particularly like the explanations of the incorrect answers, allowing misconceptions to be addressed. The inclusion of images is also useful as these are often not referred to well in GCSE examinations. There are a range of challenging and less challenging questions which could be selected for different ability levels.
The resource enables valuable low-stake, high frequency testing. The Question bank could be used with the same questions asked in different sequences and combinations to improve factual recall and photo / image interpretation. This can be done as homework or lesson starters to recap or to keep previously taught topics fresh. It could also be used to self-assess and identify gaps in knowledge to inform student / teacher focused revision.

K Palfreyman, Senior Examiner for AQA, Head of Geography & Peer Reviewer

This could be very useful in testing recall and progression in class - especially for non specialists. I like the accessibility of the multiple choice format.

K Shah,Teacher & Peer Reviewer