Topic on a Page for A Level AQA Sociology

The ultimate revision tool!

Visually attractive A3 photocopiable posters with concise summaries of the most popular specification topics.

Focuses on key words and sociological research which is good for less able and middle ability students

N Munshi, Head of Sociology & Peer Reviewer

Unique Summary Posters presents all the essentials concisely on an A3 page

  • At-a-glance topic overview – Help your students see the bigger picture!
  • All key terms, concepts and theories covered – Miss nothing during revision
  • Display in class or at home – Use as handy knowledge organiser!

Matching Activity Poster 'gap-fill' worksheets

  • Excellent homework
  • Perfect end-of-topic consolidation
  • Ready-to-use for structured revision

Praise for Topic on a Page

Wonderfully visual

D Taborda, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A fab resource!

S Smale, Psychology Lecturer & Peer Reviewer


L Biddis, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Topics Included
Education Culture and Identity
Crime and Deviance Families and Households
Theory and Methods Beliefs in Society
Global Development
The Media

What do teachers say about this resource? (10174)

The detail is superb and there are most of the key theorists I use in class on each summary

H Connellan, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This is a great way to summarise the whole topic, but also to use as a revision activity ... Keywords are clearly identified and each section are presented ... Lower achiever pupils: it offers support on what is essential to be learned ... Great resources for both LAP and other students as a revision tool, but it can also be use as an assessment

J Poulin, HoD & Customer

This resource identifies key concepts, theorists, and perspectives. It includes basic definitions and provides an overview of the different topics. It might be used as a starting point for revision for students to pull apart and look at each section carefully as a tick sheet for what they know and what they need to learn.
This resource covers the basics necessary for the course, so it does meet the criteria of matching and interpreting the specification. It includes key concepts and theories/theorists.

D Thompson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A good resource that covers a variety of topics. I especially like the fact that it included multiple unit options.
It focuses on key words and sociological research which is good for less able and middle ability students.
The amount of detail provided is consistent across each of the mind maps. The key sociologists are highlighted which makes it easier for students to identify the key points.
An advantage for less able students who struggle with knowing how to create revision materials.
The key theories are consistently highlighted along the left hand side of the mind map, reinforcing the specification objectives for each topic.

N Munshi, Head of Sociology & Peer Reviewer