101 Challenge Cards for GCSE Business

Each single-question starter is paired with a linked challenge task to stretch every student! Covering every area of the GCSE specification.

It has a great educational value as these activities could grasp [students'] attention and interest

J Landrakis, Teacher, Examiner and Peer Reviewer

Each attractively-designed challenge card includes a quick, engaging starter question followed by a related challenge task. The starter focuses on knowledge recall while the challenge task encourages deeper thought and promotes discussion.

  • Pick up and go – grab any topic, any time!
  • Progressive difficulty within each topic
  • Answers included
  • Ideal support for new or non-specialist teachers!

Provided in two formats:

  1. Photocopiable sheets – cut, laminate and have ready on students' desks at the start of a lesson for individual/pair work, or set up as 'stations', with student teams answering each in turn
  2. Task-per-slide PowerPoints – prompt written responses or pair/class discussion

I like that there is flexibility in how the linked tasks could be used... I like that some of the activities & challenge activities are there to promote discussion as well as assessing knowledge

J Murphy, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Written by a very experienced business teacher who appreciates the value of reinforcing and underpinning knowledge.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10734, 10735, 10736)

A great resource for teachers in utilising it for starters and plenaries ... I like that there is flexibility in how the linked tasks could be used ... I like that some of the activities & extension activities are there to promote discussion as well as assessing knowledge. The way in which the questions are phrased allow for further questioning and discussion across the class. They can be used quite easily as a hook for the main section of the lesson if required ... Using knowledge from previous lessons is an important use of starter activity time as opposed to a generic ‘bell activity’ that is not linked to any part of the specification. Assessment of prior learning is important to do, and shows the 'journey' that is becoming part of OFSTED framework ... extremely useful ... can be used for teachers to apply spacing and interleaving within teaching the course

J Murphy, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It covers a vast area of Business. A good collection on Questions had good clear Answers that made sense. A good way to [enhance learning] and the coverage makes it a good reference source. Students will find it an easy read and be able to search it.

E Sutherland, Peer Reviewer

The resource appears to cover all key aspects of the Edexcel specification. The questions are thought provoking and could easily be used to start a lesson, break a lesson up as an individual activity or to end the lesson. The questions also test students' abilities to quickly retrieve information and I think this is important given the nature of the new specifications -there is a lot of content to be covered and to remember over the two years.

[Provides] opportunity for quick low stakes testing to help commit concepts to long term memory.

The questions are focused and to the point in most places.

It would help students quickly regurgitate info and provide opportunities for self guided reflection. As most of the questions are open ended, it really does test whether or not they know the content in the first place.Therefore it provides learners with an opportunity to 'check' their knowledge.

It provides a quick way of starting of a lesson or consolidating.

Hat tip to the author - I think it covers most of the key topic areas really well at GCSE!

P McGinn, Head of Department / Examiner & Peer Reviewer

A good review resources for students covering a wide range of topic areas. Mainly for GCSE but could be also used with A level as revision and for basic content understanding. Like the extension activities and these often enhanced and developed the students understanding. I also like that that answers are provided as is a quick resources for teacher to use. Useful for starting lesson, for retrieval practice for consolidating knowledge and for revision. Adds value to students as it further develops their understanding.

D Duguid, Head of Business & Peer Reviewer

The provision of extension material is useful to ensure that the resource is capable of challenging all students regardless of prior knowledge, prior learning or capability. Furthermore, it is useful that each extension activity builds on the foundation of the original activity question so that challenge can be provided without changing topic/area. This balance of the original question and the extension question means that the resource is likely to cater to the needs of all students studying for a GCSE business qualification in a mixed ability class

S Stones, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

This resource covers all the specification requirements and reflects the knowledge required by students. A good mix of teaching aid (especially for the non-specialist) and student tasks which expand on learning... This will certainly aid with helping with knowledge review. The extension activities are a great addition to quickly check understanding and review... The extension task allows for more independent learning from the higher learners within the group... The answer being provided will relieve the planning pressure of the teacher and allows for immediate discussion of the answers with the students... The information provided is in such detail it allows to the individuals to access the specification and break it down into small segments allowing engagement... The style of questions give immediate feedback stretching all abilities

C Hutchinson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

it provides icebreakers and it is very useful for students to start up. The extension add to the basic knowledge obtained at the start up activities... It enhances learning as students will be able to understand the basics... It has a great educational value as these activities could grasp their attention and interest on the material that will be covered after these activities are introduced.

J Landrakis, Teacher, Examiner and Peer Reviewer

Many teachers struggle to find exciting starters to engage learners so it should be popular... It can be used to explore prior knowledge and also recap learning from a past lesson

J Whatford, Teacher and senior examiner for a leading exam board & Peer Reviewer