Starters and Plenaries for GCSE (9–1) AQA Biology

Activities Include: Eukaryote and prokaryote characteristic sort, labelling cells, experimental reorder, mitosis match-up, stem cell ethics, herd immunity simulation and more…

Catalyse your classes and maintain a positive charge to the end with these short and stimulating starters and plenaries. Write-on in-class activities that are carefully designed with a strong focus on classroom learning.

  • Perfect mixture of activities to motivate and enthuse all learning styles
  • Ideal blend of individual, paired, small-group and whole-class activities develops independent and cooperative learning methods

With all materials included for an easy-to-use, pick-up-and-teach resource:

  • Clearly stated learning aims
  • Student-friendly handouts
  • Detailed teacher instructions
  • Answers for every worksheet
  • Spec cross reference table for effortless delivery.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10506)

Very good. Super friendly to use with clear learning objectives. A high quality resource with a variety of engaging starter and plenary activities that indicate measurable learning. Some even have extensions and some are games.
The variety and range of tasks were beyond the typical word match, Venn diagrams and fill in the table. The Antibiotic Resistance game is genius! I appreciate the detailed instructions with alternatives if dice are unavailable, as well as Extract and interpret graph opportunities,
Detailed instructions, timings and whether prior learning is needed.
Perfectly matches Trilogy combined science biology paper 2 specification. A useful formative assessment for planning (Ofsted love this). With so much of learning going digital this paper version is reliable.

N Khan, Head of A Level Biology & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10003)

This is a highly useful resource and one that I would value in my teaching practice. It has pulled together 25 engaging activities that are branded as starters and plenaries but I feel that they could further be used as activities within the lesson time, homeworks or revision aids. It matches the specification well and uses sufficient terminology.
I liked the range of activities and structures that are included with the 25 activities such as tables, Venn diagrams and labeling tasks. This will be very engaging for learners. I particularly like the layout of the resource, where it has the task followed by the answer sheet.
The layout is excellent, particularly for a teacher to use.

S Howie, Teacher & Peer Reviewer