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A Level - All Boards (2016 specs)

web/8539 German Politics: Reunification, Immigration...for A Level (Year 2) German Pre-order for Jun/Jul 2018 New $83
web/8541 Getting to Know... Almanya, Willkommen in Deutschland Pre-order for Sep/Oct 2018 New $111
web/7683 Getting to Know... Das Leben der Anderen (2nd Edition) $111
web/6948 Getting to Know... Das Wunder von Bern $97
web/7518 Getting to Know... Der Besuch der alten Dame (2nd Edition) $83
web/6591 Getting to Know... Der Vorleser $111
web/8261 Getting to Know... Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei (2nd Edition) Pre-order for May/Jun 2018 New $83
web/6626 Getting to Know... Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum $111
web/6386 Getting to Know... Die Welle $111
web/7970 Getting to Know... Good bye, Lenin! (2nd Edition) $83
web/6304 Getting to Know... Lola Rennt $111
web/6822 Getting to Know... Max Frisch's Andorra $97
web/6647 Getting to Know... Mutter Courage und Ihre Kinder $111
web/8540 Getting to Know... Russendisko Pre-order for Jun/Jul 2018 New $111
web/6924 Getting to Know... Sophie Scholl $111
web/6199 Topical Articles with Exercises for AS German supporting 2016 specifications $76