GCSE Drama Live Theatre Scheme of Work

8 detailed lesson plans and ready-made worksheets give students the skills and guidance they need to be able to successfully negotiate this tricky part of the exam!

For the teacher:

  • For every lesson: warm-ups, starters, mains, plenaries and homeworks – with detailed breakdown of timings to keep the class on track
  • Scheme of work overview makes for simple planning
  • Permission letter template means less admin

For the students:

  • 4 lessons to prepare for viewing live theatre:
    • Research the play, learn what to look out for and how to record findings
  • 2 lessons to analyse and evaluate the performance:
    • Consolidate knowledge and produce high-quality notes for use in the exam
  • 2 lessons to prepare and practice for the exam:
    • Understand the marking criteria and put skills into practice

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Live Theatre Scheme of Work for GCSE AQA Drama
web/9898 | GCSE / AQA
Live Theatre Scheme of Work for GCSE Edexcel Drama
web/8293 | GCSE / Edexcel
Live Theatre Scheme of Work for GCSE Eduqas Drama
web/10006 | GCSE / Eduqas