GCSE Drama Cover Lessons

Cover Lessons worth having – no prep required!

No matter what your needs, we’ve got something to support you and your students in the event of both planned and unplanned teacher absence. Each carefully-considered cover lesson is entirely independent of normal classwork – yet fully linked to the knowledge and skills needed for the course – and provides everything a cover teacher needs to pick-up and teach with minimal photocopying.

If you’re lucky enough for your classes to be covered by another Drama specialist, or even just a confident and enthusiastic non-specialist, then Cover Lessons for Drama Specialists is the resource for you. These ready-to-go, practical cover lessons encourage creativity and put key dramatic skills into action!

If you’re after something more structured, then look no further than Cover Lessons for Non-Drama Specialists. This pack of 15 ready-made student worksheets covers everything from character development and key terminology to evaluative skills and live theatre, and is ideal for those with no minimal Drama experience.

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Cover Lessons for Drama Specialists
web/10222 | GCSE / All specifications
Cover Lessons for Non-Drama Specialists
web/7133 | GCSE / All specifications