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Dear Jl Hagger,
During this difficult period we are offering schools any 4 eLearning packages for free for the Level 2 specifications (GCSE, BTEC FIrst & OCR Nationals) on ZigZag’s flagship online education platform for Learning, Revision, Exam Practice and Setting Homework up until 1st January 2021.
A highly varied platform that motivates students with varied and engaging activities based on the new GCSE, BTEC, OCR Nationals and A Level specifications. 
eRevision is now available for 28 different specifications with more ready within a month.

This is a no-nonsense core resource that can support high student achievement, while also being especially useful as part of measures to deliver specification-specific content during school closures.  As one UK school put it:
"We have for some time been exploring the use of online teaching and learning platforms for such an eventuality, drawing on the experience of schools in Hong Kong and Japan, where schools have been closed for some time."
Features include:
  • Computer-marked activities
  • Exam-style questions with model solutions
  • All activities mapped to the specification
  • High-quality content written by experienced teachers and educationalists
  • Progress overview grid
  • Teacher logins to review class and individual students’ progress
Special Whole School Offer:

£16+vat per student

(annual licence) for access to all available GCSE & L2 Vocational Subjects (see below).

Offer ends 1st May 2020

Please email for a proforma invoice.  Quote EL2020 and state the number of GCSE students.

Quote EL2020
eRevision is available for: 
GCSE (9-1):
  • Biology AQA
  • Chemistry AQA
  • Combined Science AQA
  • Computer Science OCR
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition AQA
  • French AQA + Edexcel
  • Geography AQA
  • German AQA
  • Media Studies AQA + Eduqas
  • Maths Edexcel + OCR + AQA + CCEA(26th March)
  • Physical Education AQA + OCR
  • Physics AQA
  • Religious Studies AQA
  • Spanish AQA + Edexcel
L2 Vocational
  • Creative iMedia L2 Cambridge Nationals
  • Health and Social Care L2 BTEC Award
  • ICT L2 Cambridge Nationals
Special offer until
31st March…

Access to all GCSE & L2 Vocational specifications for £16 per student (annual licence)

A Level:
  • Biology AQA + OCR
  • French AQA
  • German AQA
  • Media Studies Eduqas
  • Physics AQA + OCR
  • Spanish AQA
 "The interactivity element is excellent and would appeal very much to the modern student" 
K Chanter, Teacher& Peer Reviewer 

for more information
"A great, intuitive system" 
S Ravendran, HoD & Happy Subscriber 

"All your homework set and marked!" 
P Knowles, Teacher & Happy Subscriber 
Students love it!
“It was fun” 
“I felt really engaged” 
“It was an interesting way to revise!" 

D Lester, Teacher & Peer Reviewer