Free Resource Updates from ZigZag Education

If we successfully identify you as being at a particular school, ZigZag Education will inform you when free updates, replacement pages, or free additional pages are available for resources they have identified your department(s) as using.

Updates to resources may result from minor specification changes, suggestions from teachers and peer reviews, or occasional errors reported by customers.

ZigZag Education will inform you when new resources for your subject are available for preview, when key resources are available for pre-order, and occasionally other related emails such as promotions for your subject, brief surveys or schools/education related offers/news.

Terms & Conditions

Your email address and information will be protected by the Data Protection Act and managed by ZigZag Education. We will not give your email address to third parties.

From time to time it will be necessary to update these terms and conditions. Any such changes will take effect immediately.

As part of our general housekeeping we may, at our discretion, remove accounts that have invalid email addresses, appear to be duplicates, or have not been accessed for very long periods.

This is an opt-in service only. Unsubscribe links will be at the bottom of all emails and so you can opt out of the free updates system at any time.

Postal Contact

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to:

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ZigZag Education,
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