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The Access Range

Databases Using Access

This set of worksheets covers tables, forms & design, query basics, reports, mailing labels, normalisation, SQL and project ideas.

The resource has:
  • Helpful need to Know Sections
  • Tips! Boxes
  • Remember! Boxes
  • Know This! Boxes

This course of worksheets is designed to help you through A level Computing/ICT. By completing the exercises, you will gradually build up knowledge of Microsoft's database software package Access 2003. By the time you finish all the worksheets, you'll have created a working relational database.

Learning Access by Example:

Creates a library database with step-by-step instructions in a set of 10 worksheets. From the blank database at the beginning, to a complete fully functional database at the end. The resource covers: Creating & linking tables, forms, macros, queries, reports, searches and more!

Short Access Tasks

The collection of short tasks in this resource are progressively more difficult, taking from 10 to 30 minutes each.

  • Hints encourage efficient approach
  • Extensions to stretch the most able
  • Fully Worked Solutions.

Names of tasks:

  • Creating a Table
  • Select Query: Viewing Data
  • Creating a Form to Append Data to a Table
  • Defining and Changing the Primary Key
  • Marking Relationships
  • Complex Query
  • Action Query: Update
  • Action Query: Delete, Append and Make-Table
  • Customising a Form (1)

  • Customising a Form (2)
  • Using Subforms
  • Creating Reports
  • Basic Macros and Command Buttons
  • Importing and Linking Data
  • Working on the Internet
  • Students Database (1)
  • Students Database (2)
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts (XP edition only)

"Enables students to learn by doing" G Solomon Head of ICT, Kings School.
"Excellent" ICT Co-ordinator. N Wood.