Practice Exercises for Translation Skills

For A Level Spanish

Also available for A level German and French.
66 interesting texts based on topics from the Edexcel A Level specification. These texts are used in three different ways:

  1. The texts are provided in English for students to translate.
  2. Each text has 3 Spanish grammar exercises. These exercises test different areas of grammar required by the A Level specification, such as tenses and agreement.
  3. The Spanish texts are provided in full at the end of the resource, serving as examples for the translation exercises and the solution to the grammar exercises.

Endorsed by Edexcel

This resource has been created to specifically meet the requirements of Edexcel A2 Unit 4 Section A & supports Unit 4 Section C. It is a creative and versatile resource suitable for all A Level Spanish students.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4181)
"Buy it - an excellent resource as it covers all the relevant topics areas, deals with vocabulary and key structures to look out for when translating." K Waters, Head of MFL and ZigZag Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3554)
"Excellent... Plenty of focused translation practice." — S Coppell, Head of MFL at Chigwell School and ZigZag Customer
"[Notes section] allows them to write down their ideas in an organised way, rather than scribbling notes around the margins... Good training in developing the technique of thorough and accurate translation." — G Clegg, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"I like this resource a lot... The accompanying grammar exercises are very useful and provide a spring board for students to think deeply about the intracies of the Spanish language... A fantastic resource worth investing in." — S Darnell, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"Brilliant... Thank you for creating this resource!" — A Diaz, MFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"A useful resource... I liked the length of the texts and the fact that they mirrored Edexcel's topics at AS and A2." — A Luke, Joint Head of Languages at Woking College, Independent Reviewer
"Very useful... Enough translations to use almost one a week!" — B Francis, Head of Langauges, Expreienced Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer