Practice Exam Papers for OCR GCSE PE

Four original practice papers providing comprehensive coverage of the OCR (9–1) GCSE PE Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams. Carefully constructed and fully cross-referenced to ensure students gain complete exam practice across the AOs!

It simulates the real thing pretty closely...

...The layout is accurate and the variety of questions is good. The marking grid is very useful

A Young, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Everything you need for the perfect practice…

  • Mimics the tone, style and format of the new OCR exam with identical balance of AOs – perfect for mocks!
  • Full range of question types – from multiple-choice to quantitative skills and extended-answer questions, giving you exam-style questions not available from AQA!
  • Student-friendly mark schemes – great for quick marking and peer- or self-assessment

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Excellent for giving proper exam scenario questions in preparation for exams

K Poynton, Customer

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What do teachers say about this resource? (11230)

This would be a valuable resource in the lead up to exams. The papers are well thought out, flow well and are easy to follow. The syllabus content is covered. The mark schemes are easy to follow and match the question mark schedule. Most questions are interesting and will test a wide range of students. The content is of generally high quality. It is suitable for the target audience. The simpler questions will be in the range of the majority of students, whilst the progression through AO1,2,3 will stretch the more able. The relevant AOs are covered in the extended questions. The extended questions are very good.

M Whalley, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11229)

The content is generally of high quality and generally fulfils the needs of the curriculum. The relevant AO’s are covered... in the extended questions marks are available with careful application at AO3. The students have a good opportunity to display their knowledge and ability to apply it as the questions move from basic to complex... The questions are suitable for a range of GCSE students. I would use this resource particularly in revision, but would also use it to test pupils at the end of a topic, etc taking questions out of the paper. A good mock paper resource as well. This is a good resource. It is very useful for pupils to gain experience of how the paper will look to them when they sit their exams. The questions are structured well, ranging from the lower marked questions in paper A to the more extended questions in paper B, which hit all AO targets.

M Whalley, PE Teacher & Peer Reviewer