GCSE AQA Geography eRevision

Interactive, online Geography eRevision for the GCSE 9–1 AQA syllabus – Every topic is covered for all areas of physical and human geography that you need to know!

Interactive Digital Quizzes

  • Varied and engaging quizzes covering every teaching topic
  • Unique, motivating '3 try' system
  • Set your own target level
  • Difficulty level adjusts accordingly

Built-in Progress Tracking

  • All your quiz scores are saved – can you pass them all to earn a topic trophy?
  • See a map of your progress to help plan your revision
  • Provides instant feedback on which areas need improvement

Simple Student Subscription

  • One-off purchase gets you 2 years of access – perfect for your whole GCSE
  • Play every quiz as many times as you want
  • Play on your computer, or log-in on the move and play on your tablet!

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9 different varied and engaging quizzes
GapFill Fill in the gaps in a paragraph of text using the drop-down lists of words provided.
MatchUp Drag and drop the correct answers onto a set of questions.
ReOrder Drag and drop a list of items, processes, or events into the correct order.
Categorise Organise sets of answers into the correct category.
PinDrop Move labels into the correct positions on a diagram.
MultiChoice Click to select the correct answer from a set of four possibilities.
TypeIt Just like GapFill, only this time you need to type the correct answer.
WipeOut Each question has a grid of 9 possible answers, but only some of them are correct. Wipeout as soon as you answer incorrectly!
Exam Practice exam questions, just like the real exam.