Practice Papers for A Level AQA Law

AQA 2017 specs
Exams from 2019

Comprehensive practice for the new A Level exams!

Each resource has three full practice papers of original exam-style questions that mirror the question types and number of marks in your exam board’s sample assessment materials. Indicative content is provided for every question for marking guidance.

It fills a much needed gap of practice papers for students to work through which is the best preparation for the exams

M Bull, Law Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Ideal for revision and mocks:

  • designed for the 2017 specification
  • follow the structure and style of the AQA SAMs
  • cover the A Level topics thoroughly
  • offer original scenarios to encourage new analysis opportunities

Flexible! Questions can also be set as revision for key topics, homework or extension work.

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What do teachers say about this resource? (9680)

It is excellent. It fills a much needed gap of practice papers for students to work through which is the best preparation for the exams. The question papers build up in difficulty, so it enables students to gain in confidence. The scenarios are engaging and are accessible to students. The mark schemes are clear and easy to follow so will allow for students to peer mark and/or teachers to easily mark the answers and see where further learning is needed. This is of great educational value.

M Bull, Law Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The papers reflect those released by AQA in style. There are a full range of offences covered on each of the specimen papers and English legal system has good coverage also. The 15 markers are well phrased and the accompanying mark schemes are exhaustive enough to ensure that a range of different responses would be credited. This will be a very useful resource for planning and teaching. These provide teachers with a wide range of possible questions and mark schemes which will alleviate workload. These could be used in class, set as homework or used as the basis of mock exams. They are also consistent with AQA papers which is encouraging for teachers whose subject has yet to be examined.

J Pike, HoD and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11049, 11051)

I thought this resource was great, ready to use in the classroom straight away to develop exam skills and practice questions.

The variety of the questions was good, the style was just that of the exam paper and there was indicative content for marking. This was succinct so was easy for a teacher to use or to give to students to interpret.

There is great educational value to this resource, for a relatively new specification where past papers are few and far between. It could be used as a mock, for in class questions, homework tasks or self-marking review activities -it is multi-use!

The presentation and style mirrored that of the exam papers so was very good to give students a feel of what they might encounter in the exam.

This resource matches the spec perfectly and covers a wide range of it, on both contract and Human Rights options so is of very wide appeal.

I thought this resources was excellent! 

G Shepherd-Etchells, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10498)

It will be immensely useful to students and teachers when published. Across the papers, it is effectively a good revision resource for Paper 2 as it covers most areas on the specification in detail. The 'suggested answers' demonstrate how the law can be stated and applied which is a key skill that is difficult to teach. Clearly a lot of work has gone into the making of this resource.

K Harding, A Level and AQA Examiner & Peer Reviewer

I can definitely see the usefulness of this resource, especially with a relatively new specification where are few past papers to use. This was very typical of the exam papers for this specification and could be instantly used with a class. The answers were detailed and could be used not only by a teacher when marking, but also given to students after sitting the mock as a teaching and revision aid.

G Shepherd-Etchells, Head of Law & Peer Reviewer