GCSE AQA Practice Exam Papers

For GCSE AQA (8035): Four unique exam-style practice papers for Paper 1: Living with the Physical Environment

These Practice Exam Papers are written in the style of the actual exam, with the correct command word and mark tariff used throughout, and each with a clear and detailed mark scheme. Perfect for mock exams; your students will be fully prepared to succeed in their Paper 1 examination!

  • Use of command words and mark tariff matched to the Exam Board
  • Photographs, data and diagrams provide excellent stimulus material
  • Original papers – not available from AQA

Comprehensive coverage: questions on all specification topics
Every core and optional topic in Unit 3.1: Living with the Physical Environment is covered within each of papers.

Put students in the place of the examiner!
Clear student-friendly mark schemes include answer content and marking guidance. Students see how marks are awarded, improving exam technique.